Store of the Future

The store of the future, sounds great doesn’t it? Many major retailers now have some pretty amazing in store technology, but I’m not always sure my shopping experience has been improved. Visiting a re-vamped flagship store recently, the store itself looked incredible and collecting my online order from a designated pickup point (enter my code, […]

All I Want for Christmas…

All I keep hearing around me is ‘the high street is dying’, ‘shops are closing down’… well, if retailers rely on people like me (working mother of 2 boys under 10) to help them survive, they might be in a bit of trouble… Sadly, I did most, if not all my Christmas shopping online… Where […]

Why We Hate Shopping and What Retailers Should Be Doing About It

As two 30-something year old women, we have something to say to all retailers out there. Where should we be shopping? We’re stuck, we certainly aren’t in our early 20’s anymore so all of the shops we previously frequented now frankly make us feel old, surely I never wore a skirt that short or showed […]

Process Disconnect

I came across this classic illustration of the solution design and delivery process and it made me smile. I remember seeing a variation of this cartoon, probably thirty years ago, and it is slightly depressing that the message still holds true today. Design and delivery done in isolation or with ignorance, or worse with both, […]

The Retail247 10K Run

For this years charity event a crack team of 15 semi professional Retail247 runners (in their dreams) ‘competed’ in the London 10K. Much fun was had by all and only two people called in sick the next day ! Money was raised for Bloodwise and Age UK. Thanks to all who donated, very much appreciated.

Things That Keep the CIO Awake 5. The Box

The fifth in our series of blogs on what keeps retail CIOs awake at night focuses on the big question of ’out of the box’ or customisation. The classic question for an IT Director a generation ago was whether to buy or build. Traditional IT departments were structured typically with large development teams who were […]

Things That Keep the CIO Awake 4. Omni-channel

The fourth in our series of blogs on what keeps retail CIOs awake at night focuses on the demands put upon IT teams by omni-channel retailing. There is no doubt that there has been very significant change over the last few years in the retail marketplace. Digital transformation is affecting all industries and sectors but […]

Things That Keep CIO Awake 3. Partnering

The third in our series of blogs on what keeps retail CIOs awake at night focuses on the challenge of extending your organisation’s bandwidth and capability through effective partnering. Whether it is in the plan, build or run part of the team it is likely that most modern IT department’s will rely on some external […]