Is the future high street going to be dominated by the Arkwright’s?

Future high street

It is good news for the retail industry as lockdown measures are starting to ease, with non-essential shops including high street shops, department stores and shopping centres given the go-ahead to reopen on the 15th June providing they are covid-secure. As retailers prepare to reopen, they need to evaluate what they have learnt from the […]

Back to the Future (of the high street)

high street

Our founder and CEO, Martin Schofield, is ready to help retailers prepare for the new redefined high street. His direct experience managing the retail IT of Harvey Nichols at a board level has equipped him with the knowhow to help retailers navigate uncertain times, with stock control and technology solutions to develop an omnichannel presence […]

Large ships take longer to turn – is response time impacted by retailer infrastructure?


Every industry is undeniably affected by the changing circumstances caused by COVID-19, and retail can be one of the industries most affected by global events. Retail will always exist, people have always sold things and always will – the industry just needs to adapt, as it always has. Retailers should not sit back and wait […]

Enabling agility for sustainable change in retail


As our circumstances change daily, we truly find ourselves in uncharted territory. At a time where the future is uncertain, we have time to reflect on our businesses, our home life and society at large. Understanding retail I have found myself reflecting and drawing on past experiences to plan and project for the future. I […]

Is a permanent shift in transactions the future?


Throughout history we can attribute social and economical changes to global events, such as the financial crash of 2008 and more recently the global COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Shifts in consumer behaviour and demand can also be linked to these seismic events. A slow shift in payment methods used has been taking place across the […]

Introducing Alan Morris – our new Non-Exec Director

Retail247 extends a warm welcome to Alan Morris who joins the team in his new role as Non-Executive Director. Working with some of the best-known retailers on the high street, Retail247 brings a pragmatic and delivery focussed approach to strategy and innovation; allowing technology to deliver advantage not burden. The company prides itself on having […]

Coronavirus challenges – why it’s not all bleak for the retail industry

Retail Industry

The challenges presented by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic are unprecedented, there is no denying it is a period of turmoil for almost every business, including the retail industry. From disruptions to deliveries to store closures, the threat to retail can’t be ignored. Yet although this may paint a relatively bleak picture for the future of […]

Can Artificial Intelligence beat the trade-off of sustainability versus convenience?

Retailers efforts to be more sustainable are often viewed to be counteracted by attempts to “delight” customers with quick home delivery that contributes to the negative impact on the environment ( Retail, as a whole, has a relatively negative reputation when it comes to its effect on the planet but with a real call for […]

Is 5G changing the way we pay?

Is 5G changing the way we pay? 5G is set to power the next generation of internet connectivity and eCommerce, so retailers need to pay attention. Payment options are endless from digital wallets to biometrics and many consumers believe they would replace their bank card with their mobile phone entirely within 5 years. 5G is […]

Brick and mortar is still breathing

Brick and Mortar stores

Brick and mortar is still breathing: its survival is just a case of reinvention to stay competitive in the evolving workplace. Integrating brick-and-mortar with digital ordering and distribution platforms have been shown as successful in the restaurant industry with applications such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo, so does the retail sector need to follow suit? […]