The returns epidemic

The “returns epidemic” comes at a big cost. Sites such as Amazon and ASOS offering quick, easy and free returns have given rise to returns by the shed load and the serial returner who have come to expect this convenience from every retailer. Social media has created a culture of “wardrobing” and “snap and send […]

Long-term luxury for retail

long-term luxury

Long-term luxury for retail: millennials are buying less and buying better. The switch to luxury has been driven by the growing middle-class as well as a preference for sustainability. Consumer appetite has also been driven by the emergence of new luxury experiences, athleisure, streetwear and prestige skincare, highlighting the change in consumer habits and the […]

Roaring 20’s and retail this decade

Retail this decade

Roaring 20’s and retail: what trends do we expect from retail this decade? Sustainability isn’t going anywhere in 2020, with retailers who reduce their carbon footprint standing out from the competition. Like the 2010’s, technology will continue to be a factor in which brick-and-mortar stores really stand out – Adidas’ London Flagship store, with its […]

How Retail has changed in the last decade: the evolution from 2010 to 2020

The 2010s have been the decade that has really transformed the way retail operates with different technologies, consumer habits and expectations shaping the industry. It’s safe to say the way consumers approach shopping is a distinctive contrast to how they did 10 years ago, but have retailers kept up? The high street looks very different […]

REISS RFID Implementation

Reiss is a valued Retail247 customer; we have worked with them on a number of services and solutions and their strong performance has been further enhanced by the deployment of RFID technology and process. Reiss is a premium high street brand and as such being able to fulfil customer promise with confidence is of paramount […]

Responsible retailing and the green consumer

Do retailers need to be considering more responsible retailing? Retail is renowned for creating a lot of waste that is less than eco-friendly. The rise of fast fashion generated more throwaway consumerism than ever, yet the trends in the industry are shifting and the rise of the green consumer has begun to shift the way […]

The “vampire economy” effect

Retail consumption has been affected by a change in pattern of human behaviour. Shopping used to be a Saturday afternoon activity yet now the most expenditure is in the evening. The most common time to shop is 22:18 according to Stylist magazine. Nocturnal shopping habits are influenced by TV and social media that we tend […]

Warehouse woes

Warehousing is facing new challenges due to political issues such as Brexit. Customer expectations for new, speed and the ability to return products put pressure on the supply chain, meaning warehousing becomes more complex. Brexit is causing havoc for keeping stock – tariffs and duties remain unclear as the Brexit deadline has extended. Brands now […]

Click but don’t collect

Click and collect is rising in popularity yet the ‘collect’ part of the process is not always followed through. £228 million worth of goods each year, according to research from Barclaycard. If shoppers collected their parcels, retailers would save £178,500 each year according to It’s a popular service, with over 70% of UK shoppers […]

The Retail Experience

The retail experience needs to appeal to consumers across channels. Digitally, social media is one of the best advertising tools retailers can use for engaging with their customer base, especially younger consumers who have more spending power. Yet in-store experience is just as important as a showroom for customers to try out and interact with […]