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Through technology and process challenge we enable modern, omnichannel retailing.

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Working with Retail247 – Reiss

See how we’ve helped premium high street brand Reiss achieve stock accuracy of 99% with a consequential 4% uplift in sales.

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Consultancy Services


People Make the difference

At Retail247 we pride ourselves on our rich history within the retail industry. When it comes to consultancy engagements, our depth of experience gives us the capability to bring the right skill to the project at the right time, integrating seamlessly into the client’s team.


Our depth of experience and knowledge of industry best practice ensures that we can align technology investment to the delivery of quantifiable results.

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Project Delivery

Working closely with our clients, Retail247 have the capability to own project delivery from end to end, or alternatively provide specialist resource to support existing project teams. Our retail specialist resources include Project Management, Business Analysis and Testing and Implementation.

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Business Challenge & Improvement

Key to any technology project is the alignment of process. Technology in isolation often leads to failed projects and wasted investment. Our approach puts process challenge first and ensures that technology investment is spent wisely.

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Change Management

Outsourcing is often a necessary approach to effectively manage change. Multiple factors can lead to employee resistance towards change. It is crucial to adequately prepare and guide individuals impacted by the change to foster acceptance and facilitate a smooth transition towards achieving positive outcomes.

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Project Resource & Business Support

Our specialist resources can be deployed as individuals to support a wide variety of retail projects.

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r247 technology solutions

Technology Solutions


Retail Technology Solutions

We often state how important it is to have the fundamentals of retail in place in order for a retailer to deliver their customer promise. We offer two technology solutions enabling our clients to do just that: Origin, our PIM platform, and Archean, our stock solution.


Origin is our PIM (Product Information Management) platform, which gives its users a centralised location to store, manage and update all product data. Massively scalable and completely flexible, Origin can be used in multiple product management scenarios.

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Archean, the stock platform from Retail247, was designed from the ground up as a massively scalable and configurable cloud engine. Archean can consume vast amounts of stock affecting actions.

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We are a close-knit team made up of retail experienced people. Our collaborative spirit creates an environment of support and growth, fostering a sense of camaraderie that makes every day enjoyable.

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R247 Podcast

In the podcast, we’ll discuss subjects in the retail and retail technology world. We’ll also look to have guest speakers and generally share our thoughts in a light and thought provoking way.

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Awards & Recognition

Editor’s Choice Award – RTIH 2022
Best Retailer/Tech Supplier Relationship Award – Highly Commended RTIH 2022
Shortlisted – Retail Systems Awards 2023