Leadership, Luck and Cricket

I was saddened to hear of the death of Richie Benaud yesterday. When I was growing up (cricket mad) Richie was renowned for his commentary but my Dad told me about the tenacious Australian all rounder and the astute captain that he was in his playing days. His importance to Australia is evidenced by the […]

The Need for Appropriate Governance and Exceptional Substance

Of course, every project needs control and a sensible governance structure but have we gone too far? We do not advocate chaos, but in today’s world the word ‘governance’ is often used as an excuse for inactivity and can easily kill any hope of innovation and rapid deployment. Do projects with extensive governance structures deliver better […]

The Role of the Programmer

I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with the software industry and the growth, and misguided reliance on testing and Quality Assurance. Don’t get me wrong, these functions are vital to the production of software of ‘engineering quality’ but, as an industry, we seem to have forgotten about the need to produce quality code in the first place. The […]