Warehouse woes

Warehousing is facing new challenges due to political issues such as Brexit. Customer expectations for new, speed and the ability to return products put pressure on the supply chain, meaning warehousing becomes more complex.

Brexit is causing havoc for keeping stock – tariffs and duties remain unclear as the Brexit deadline has extended. Brands now must consider this when making decisions regarding their warehouse arrangements.

What stock should be held? Where should it be held? What are the expenses related to moving it across borders? These are just some of the question’s retailers have to contend with. Do you manage your own warehouse? Do you outsource your warehousing?

Some retailers are opting for bonded warehouse sites where goods can be stored duty free before shipping. Retailers need to be strategic and tactical when moving stock to allow for the macro environment we’re in.

With the retail industry becoming so digitally driven, do warehouses need a rethink?