People Are Individuals

People are Individuals so just get on with it.

Welcome to the first installment of my view, possibly my style, of Retail IT Leadership.

I have often listened to and been involved in discussions regarding which role within an organisation should be contacted for a particular solution, marketing campaign or decision. I have also listened to presentations of causal diagrams ( really wasn’t that interesting ) on how IT should relate to ‘The Business’ and how certain departments and functions can be influenced.

I struggle conceptually with all of the above. People are very unique, whilst two Finance Directors job descriptions may contain the same responsibilities, their approach, remit and susceptibility to influence will vary considerably. They will be affected by circumstance, environment and mood, and they may just not like you.

Therefore, I believe it is more important to understand the personalities of influencers within a specific organisation and avoid the assumption that job title dictates remit. It is also vital to read every situation taking on the dynamic of people involved and the progress being made towards your desired outcome. It is important to be prepared to react and ideally to have anticipated variable scenarios.

Unfortunately, ‘react’ seems to have become a dirty word of late but I would argue that the ability to react and to think on your feet is a vital leadership skill. Planning is obviously essential as is considering contingency and risk mitigation but to refer back to my Mike Tyson blog, you will often get “punched in the face”.

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