Click but don’t collect

Click and collect is rising in popularity yet the ‘collect’ part of the process is not always followed through. £228 million worth of goods each year, according to research from Barclaycard. If shoppers collected their parcels, retailers would save £178,500 each year according to

It’s a popular service, with over 70% of UK shoppers using click and collect twice a month on average – yet 15% admit they don’t follow through and collect their purchases in store ( This means retailers have to process returns on unwanted goods.

The reasons customers don’t go ahead and collect their items is due to hassle, long wait times, poorly staffed collection points, paying for click and collect or being unable to find the collection point.

So, is it worth it? Although it seems like a hassle for retailers, it does increase footfall and additional revenue in most cases. It is a win-win – brands can increase the number of shoppers and reduce return costs, with click and collect customers likely to purchase additional items.

Retailers may need to incentivise customers to actually come and collect their purchase through rewards or experiences. Barclaycard and Decathlon have teamed up by creating an experience of climbing Mount Snowdon in store as Hiking goods are Decathlon’s most popular items and they can try out the products in the conditions they will be wearing them in.

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