Can Artificial Intelligence beat the trade-off of sustainability versus convenience?

Retailers efforts to be more sustainable are often viewed to be counteracted by attempts to “delight” customers with quick home delivery that contributes to the negative impact on the environment ( Retail, as a whole, has a relatively negative reputation when it comes to its effect on the planet but with a real call for change, are initiatives such as using less packaging enough?

By being innovative, do you think the compromise between being environmentally friendly and remaining convenient can be reduced? Easy-to-use click-and-collect processes have the potential to reduce carbon footprints by encouraging consumers to pick up their items whilst they’re already out and about.

Using artificial intelligence for stock management has already proved a useful innovation for improving customer satisfaction but can it also be used to improve its ecological impact? Algorithms that ensure stock meets demand might be able to reduce carbon footprints by preventing last-minute out-of-stocks.

What do you think? How can retailers balance the customer demands of convenience and sustainability?