R247 Philosophy

Retail247 is a retail focused organisation, we strive to recruit from within the retail industry and are always empathic to retail needs. Flexible provision of appropriately skilled resource with a ‘can do’ attitude is essential for success.

Interim and Fractional Leadership

The Retail247 Fractional Leadership proposition gives access to senior IT resource on a part time basis. We are happy to engage on an interim or transitional basis, or on a fixed number of days per month.

Let Retail247 bring our extensive industry experience and best practice to your organisation.

Supplemental Resource

Provision of contract resource with a difference.

Retail247 have access to experienced and supported retail resources available for short or long term engagement, project specific work or interim leadership.

Retail247 will provide engagement oversight from a Managing Consultant for the duration of any contract. Get the full weight and industry experience of Retail247 included in the standard day rate.


“Retail247 hit the ground running, supplying Project Management and Business Analysis experience. They were immediately part of the team and, with the support of a Retail247 Senior Director, became invaluable to project delivery ”
Angus Stewart
IT Director
Tom Dixon