R247 Philosophy

When delivering an overall solution, technology cannot be considered in isolation; process understanding, challenge and improvement should be a continuous activity. Retail247 always consider process impact when delivering technology projects but we can also undertake process mapping and challenge in isolation.

Process Discovery & Challenge

‘Because it’s always been done that way’ is the saddest of all progress blockers. Re-examining existing process, focussing on the ‘why’ and the ‘what if’, helps us to challenge and change where appropriate, allowing us to move forward.

Process Design

New solutions often require new process. Retail247 are well placed to understand internal process need as well as industry best practice. We can then design effective and efficient process with appropriate points of measurement and policing.


“Retail247 always take process implications into account, but in this instance, we asked them to execute process documentation and challenge in isolation. Detailed flow and explanation was delivered, after direct business engagement, in the usual clear and efficient manner”
Ian James
Chief Information Officer