R247 Philosophy

Our experience spans many years with some of the best-known retailers on the high street. We bring insight and professionalism to any engagement, ensuring we are proactive and pragmatic in our approach. We believe in appropriate governance and exceptional substance; we believe in getting the job done. At Retail247, we operate in the real world. We employ a control framework designed to deliver. We believe in the escalation of the necessary and not just indecisive update and review. Every governance point has a defined process and escalation path; it serves a purpose.

Retail247 firmly believes in an iterative and business engaged process, acknowledging the modern reality that requirements often evolve as solution realisation occurs.

Retail247 - Continuous Project Delivery Framework


Our REDDDI framework guides our delivery approach. We acknowledge requirements fluidity and focus on practical and sensible solutions.

Retail247 - Continuous Project Delivery Framework

Requirements understanding sets the overall vision for project delivery. We believe that ‘users don’t always know what they want until they see what they can have’ therefore Requirement is also an opportunity for innovation and the adoption of best practice.


We believe in the reasoning, benefit, risks and challenges behind projects being understood from the outset. Retail247 use a weighted scoring mechanism to ensure that project evaluation and prioritisation is a business engaged step during project inception.

Road Map Strategy & Alignment

Integration to business ambition is key to an engaged strategy. Whilst tactical projects are a day to day need, they should ideally all contribute to the strategic vision or at least not distract from it. The Retail247 Strategic Scoring Matrix can help all parties understand necessary business priorities and where IT investment is heading. We can review your overall portfolio and work with IT and Business representatives at all levels to deliver an overall strategic and business engaged road map


A clear understanding of the issue being addressed, from a process and technical perspective, is a vital foundation to solution delivery. We are not afraid to bring appropriate challenge to the established, there is nothing worse than justification being based on “because we’ve always done it that way”.

Facilitated Discovery Workshops

Retail247 bring a wealth of retail experience to the table and use this to extract existing process, future desire and to gently challenge and shape expectation.


A pragmatic solution definition approach acknowledges both the possibility of anything and the need for time and cost constrained delivery.

Business Analysis

We generally recruit from within the retail industry and our people understand retail from an operational level. Pragmatism and common sense help us become part of the team and quickly support project delivery.


An iterative, agile, approach is at the heart of engaged solution delivery.

Programme & Project Management

Bringing large scale delivery expertise and a pragmatic but engaged delivery approach to the table has allowed us to successfully deliver many projects. Representing the retailer, we bring together internal capability and external solutions delivery resources to ensure seamless solution delivery.

Our R247 Continuous Delivery Framework provides clear project visibility and accountability.


Retail247 believe the standard ‘RFI’ selection process does not always yield the best fit for success. Often large ‘copy and paste’ documents tick the box for due diligence but fail to address the real need. During a typical selection process unnecessary features and requirements are requested, suppliers strive to find ways of ticking ‘Yes’ and the output is rarely read and digested. Retail247 put the emphasis on appropriate and challenged functionality from the very start of our engagement model. Approach and cultural fit are also given equal status. “Functionality can be developed, relationships are harder”


Transition to Business As Usual ( BAU ) can be difficult and emotionally charged. Calm and pragmatic leadership is required.

Deployment Services

Using internal resource and supported by partners, Retail247 can manage and execute multi-site project deployment.

Training and Education

Education is vital to project adoption. Our retail experienced team can delivery stand up training or manage a ‘train the trainer’ process.


Enveloping this framework is the fundamental philosophy of Business Engagement. Early business involvement and empathy with real world problems drives towards a shared understanding of solution need. All activity is underpinned by the R247 Control Framework, delivering sensible and pragmatic project reporting, governance and escalation.

During any period of change there is always an Emotional Journey to be managed and an expectation to be met. Empathy with both Internal and Customer Journeys is essential.


“As an incoming CIO, I needed rapid assistance to support the internal team and to drive forward a number of business initiatives. Retail247 brought immediate experience to the table and helped in a number of areas. Process analysis, strategy assistance and project evaluation were all delivered with minimal fuss and in a collaborative way. This has led to further engagement on project management, business analysis and solution development. A refreshing and flexible approach to just getting the job done.“
Ian James
Chief Information Officer